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#BookTour Damaged by Elena M. Reyes & N. Isabelle Blanco #EroticRomance #Thriller @ElenaMReyes

Title: Damaged Series: Voyeur #4 Authors: Elena M. Reyes & N. Isabelle Blanco Genre: Erotic Thriller/Dark Romance Release Date: December 7, 2017

"Now I'm going to ruin you." I found the way out.
Yet, Ivy doesn’t know it. Haven’t been able to tell her.
My plan is incomplete. Possibly flawed. The exit from this room is almost in the palm of my hand.
But there’s no telling what truly lies on the other side of that wall.
How the hell we’ll survive escaping this place.
How damaged we’ll be.
Jamie’s life is in our hands—one wrong move from us will be her end and yet, I can’t afford to let that stop me.
Fuck no.
I’ll forsake their lives without so much as a blink to get us out. Their blood on my hands I’ll wear with pride.
To survive I’ll kill every last one of them.
It’s time we finally escape.
We’ll die if we don’t.

WARNING: This story isn't for everyone. Caution. 18+


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Review: Christmas Stalking Selena Kitt 5 ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ

Christmas Stalking by Selena Kitt
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review.
I always enjoy reading Selena Kitt's books, and this was no exception. From the beginning I was engaged, wondering what had happened to this broken young woman, and her ultimate fear, and paranoia of others,especially those dressed in blue.
As the storyline progressed, I learned a lot more about Ginny, her sister Maggie, and Maggie's children, along with Brody the stepfather , as a new character is introduced.
The plot carried through with suspense, entanglement, fear , excitement, and more as Ginny faces true evil, leaving us with a perfect amount of bliss , and happiness as the story unwinds.

5⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ highly recommended!

“I just want to feel like this, with you, forever. I bet we’ve got a whole lifetime of drama left to live.”

“Did I do the right thing?” Her voice trembled. “You are the right thing,” he whispered in her ear, and she felt something …

#ReleaseDay UnSeal Me D.S Wrights #Dark #Erotic #Paranormal #Thriller

UnSeal Me by D.S. Wrights and Lilith Dark is finally LIVE!
Get a digital copy for the special SALE WEEK price of 99ct instead of $2.99!

UnSeal Me is a DARK Paranormal Erotic Thriller,
exclusively available on Amazon including Kindle Unlimited.

UnSeal Me is not suited for minors or the faint-hearted as it contains disturbing descriptions of murder, violence, non-con, and demonic possession

 Blurb Returning for the summer to her rural home, pre-med student Joana "Jo" Mallory crashes into her teenage crush and elusive neighbor Colin Thompson.
Leaving on the spur of the moment after a family car crash that left Colin and his younger brother Jackson orphans, he joined the military and never looked back. Until now. In order to finance Jax's Master's degree, he has returned to dissolve his abandoned parent's house, renovate and sell it. Or so it seems.
The once fun-loving and audacious Colin has changed in a way that re-ignites Jo's attraction to him like a firestorm.…

Rise of the Dark Ones Multi Author #BookTour & #Giveaway #Scifi #paranormal #Dystopian #horror #Ya #Romance

Rise of the Dark OnesMulti Author Tour and Giveaway! Enter the Giveaway Now! Remember each entry has to be completed to enter! 2 winners!   that is $50 gc from Amazon for each winner!   FB has nothing to do with this.  All you have to do is like on all authors fb pages, and follow thier website.  If you like join the subscribe to keep up with the latest of each author.  Once you have done this come back to the original post on fb and comment you have done so and name and email used.  Subscribing gives you an extra 10 entries.  Open until week after the tour ends on Oct 31st.  Enter here below on this link: Giveaway Link is Pinned on Nook Books Blog with tour Enter below Link to Tour Multi-Author Tour and GIVEAWAY. Come join in on the fun with lots of Authors bringing you their best. So please take the time to look over the form an…