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#BookRelease Quiver By Jacob Chance @brotherchance #EroticRomance #blogtour

QUIVER BY Jacob Chance
Cover Designer: Jessica Hildreth Release Date: September 8th Hosted by Chance Promotions

Synopsis: They met under the most unusual circumstances and fell deeply in love. Their relationship thrived, despite all the secrets Kyle kept from Janny. When the sordid details of his betrayal were revealed in the worst way possible, he had to fight to win her back.                                                                            Now Kyle’s in the battle of his life and the obstacle in their path might be impossible to overcome. Will they continue working together and face the problem head on or…                                   will this be the one thing their love can’t survive?

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The #GIVEAWAY is going on now!  Enter below!  Closes a …

#NewRelease Wind & Fire By Best Selling Author T.J. Michaels #PostApocalyptic #paranormal @puretextuality @TJ_Michaels

This is the first in a new post-apocalyptic paranormal series by NYT and USA Today Bestselling Author, T.J. Michaels. After the Breaking, many flocked from their devastated homelands to the new province of Draema to begin anew. The people who called themselves Gaian chose to walk a different path. Now, love and danger bring them together again. ~~~~~~~~~~~ As Blademaster and First Heir to Draema and its Seven Colonies, Rhia Greysomne wants nothing more than to live her life as she always has-on her own terms. But when she learns that her father, the High Counsel, has summoned a childhood friend from across the border to protect her against an unknown threat, she is more than a bit put out. And worse, a case of mistaken identity finds them facing each other with blades drawn. Who cares that he’s the one man who sets her blood on fire? So what if he’s the fabled Wind Storm, Protector of the Realm of Gaia? As far as she’s concerned, RuArk Miwatani is the spoiled boy she used to chase wit…

Review: The Roman's Woman

The Roman's Woman by Lucy Leroux
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I was asked to review this book, and as much as I wanted to give it a 4- 5 I just couldn't ( I love the authors other works) Since there are no " halves" here I had to make it a 3 my actual rating was a 3.5
Why you ask?
Well here are some reasons, when you are writing about a alpha ( an lord knows I love my alphas) I hate to see them hide behind another face. Not showing who they are, because there afraid, and letting some evil ex almost ruin things , and not stand full ground. That kind of had my teeth grinding. That's how I felt with Gio. I just think he could, and should have done better. Like an Alpha would.

Sophia, she knows what its like to feel the pain and ignorance over an ex not liking her "curvy" body, which if a man doesn't like you how you are kick them to the curb, right? But then there was a part in the book where she didn't think Gio was good enough for her, so I g…

Review: Marauder Fenrir: Scifi Alien Invasion Romance

Marauder Fenrir: Scifi Alien Invasion Romance by Aya Morningstar
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

So you have a bad boy assassin alien that hates all humans believing that they all deserve death, and as he boards the spaceship he kills everyone, except he just can't seem to hurt Fiona , and right there Fenrir has to decide on what the Destiny will become.
Plenty of delightful action between the two, scorching, needy, hot!

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Review: A Beauty Dark and Deadly

A Beauty Dark and Deadly by Heather C. Myers
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I always adore the way the author Heather Myers writes in such a way we can really get to know the characters, as if we are watching a movie progress in front of our eyes. This one really had me speaking out loud quite a number of times with "Omg and "No Ways" throughout the book , which is what I love about authors that can really get me going in a book!
This was one heck of a ride let me tell you! Everytime I expected it to go one way it bound for another direction, and held my interest from page 1.
Emily is Desperate for money, you would have to be to take care of a man's house that's secluded and well...he was on trial for murder ..oh yeah. .it gets better than that... Anyhow off on a technicality Jason, now is alone, and in need of some help.
Attractions start to mount, and the windows get nice and steamy ! Very hot indeed!
Must read to find out, what happens to Emily and Jason, an…

#ReleaseBlitz The Roman's Woman by Lucy Leroux #Giveaway @lucythenovelist @puretextuality #EroticRomance

When Gio Morgese meets Sophia, he realizes the “nice guys finish last” adage might be true…and he’s done coming in last. A well-ordered life and quiet existence is not working out in Gio’s favor. Less aggressive than his alpha male friends, he’s led a circumspect life and married early to gain the domestic bliss he’s always craved. But marriage to the wrong woman has ensured all of his plans blew up in his face. Perplexed and a little jealous, he watches from the sidelines as his closest friends succumb to love, giving up their playboy lifestyles for the family life he’s always wanted for himself. Aware that something has to change before he ends up bitter and alone, he resolves to let down some of the walls that went up after his divorce. Then he meets Sophia, a full-figured goddess completely unlike anyone he’s ever known. Against a backdrop of jealousy and deceit, Gio soon realizes that finding love is one thing. Holding onto to it is something else. Now he’s saying and doing thing…

#MyReview of Symphony Tools for #SocialMediaManagement #Free

My Review of Symphony Tools for Social Media Management:

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Review: Flesh: The Complete Series

Flesh: The Complete Series by Sky Corgan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If you love reading hot bdsm lifestyle reads, with mystique, intrigue, emotional hurdles, rollercoaster rides, and of course bondage scenes this is a must definite for you! Add some danger and it hits the nail on the head!
I love Sky Corgan's methods of writing, when you expect the storyline to go one way, you get the bombshell that takes a complete other direction, which makes it fantastic to read, and never boring!
The main characters Amy a designer, gets talked into going to the club Flesh by Janet. Although Amy has never been to any bdsm club before and isn't looking for anything hardcore.
She meets the dom of her dreams Lucian , who dominates to take his own pain and misery away, but Amy's body seems to sing tunes to Lucian.
After learning a thing or two, the next day she has a huge project that cant be messed up, going to the house with her coworker, the dom from the night before happens to b…

Bucking The Cowboy by Madam La Zuray #Free #erotica #cowboys

**Bucking the Cowboy is #FREE !!**

When the not riding bulls, a cowboy has to ride something…
Darlene has a couple of ideas about that...
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#BookBoost Centurion by TK Lawyer #fantasy #angels #demons #pnr

Centurion: The Guardian League Book Two By Tk Lawyer

Centurion has it all. A talented charge, ladies at his disposal for a single encounter, or more, including access to all the coffee he wants once he lands on Earth. Plus, he’s second-in-command of the volunteer band of Angels called the Guardian League. The one thing he never wanted was an intimate relationship with a human beyond the usual Angel-charge boundaries. 

So when he finds a woman as strong and hot as the human beverage that tickles his fancy, what else can he do but pursue her until he figures out what to do with her? 

April loves her enticing, hunky Angel, but he’s a lot to handle. He’s cocky, unpredictable but most of all … incorrigible. What is she to do with a male who lives life by his own schedule? 

Can April and Centurion form a compromise and allow love to bind them together? Or will Centurion’s inability to commit wedge them apart—forever? 

Reader Advisory: This book contains a cocky, incorrigible Angel + a loving, i…

#BookBoost Jasper by Tk Lawyer #Erotica #Fantasy #angels #demons #pnr

Jasper The Guardian League: Book One By TK Lawyer

Tatiana seeks rare, coveted treasure: a strong, loving, committed male she can respect, be proud of and become her full-fledged, partner. She has sought this elusive prince among men, her own personal champion but instead found many, many frogs and quite a few toads. Does her hero exist on Earth or did she miss her opportunity? 

Jasper isn’t seeking a mate. His only intention is to rescue Tatiana from a fatal car accident, but he finds himself drawn to her in ways he can’t explain. She’s a rare, precious gem and there’s no turning back for him. He must know her and introduce himself in some sort of “human” fashion, at some sort of “human” event, for he is not of Earth. 

Once Tatiana finds out Jasper’s true identity, will she accept and trust him? Will Tatiana allow herself to enter into a permanent, loving relationship with an unearthly but powerful being who only wants to adore and protect her? 

Reader Advisory: A loving, protective…

#BookBoost NightFall By TK Lawyer #pnr #ShifterRomance #wolfShifter

NightFall By Author TK Lawyer 
Tamara’s spicy scent, thrills, seduces, and weakens him like no other. She is his and he wants her. Unfortunately, she is done with men. Tamara has been burned too many times in the past, and she’s not looking for a relationship…ever. But when she finds a stray dog on her doorstep, she decides she wants a relationship with a male, after all—that of pet and pet owner. 
Josh is not a dog, and he has no interest in staying her pet. He has one burning desire—Tamara—in his bed, nightly and permanently. He will stop at nothing to convince Tamara they are better together, and that he needs her, forever. 

Their paths are intertwined and their future is inevitable, but will Tamara allow Josh to love, cherish, and protect her? Or will she say goodbye to the amazing, dedicated man, whose loyalty and sweet promises could shatter her walls completely, and consume her with desire? 

Reader Advisory: This book contains intense, romantic loving, and moments of explosive crav…