#CoverReveal Down The Rabbit Hole - Joz Maxel #ContemporaryRomance

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Title: 🐰Down The Rabbit Hole🐰

  Author: Joz Maxel
   Genre: Contemporary Romance
   Cover Designer: Nikki Hall
   Release Date: October 11th

   An innocent crush
   Turned into a rush
   When he gave me the attention I craved
   His touch became vile
   Like a turn of the dial
   The path down the rabbit hole he paved
   Carrick came along
   Told me I belonged
   In this world to be cherished and loved
   When life spun out of control
   It crushed my soul
   My fate written in the stars above
   Copyright © Joz Maxel 2018
   "I brought you out here..."
   "Fine, demanded you come out here so you couldn't say no to my plans to
   take you out."
   She pushes off the car and prowls over until she's standing toe-to-toe with
   "Does your plan involve taking me for a ride?"
   Fuck, yes.
   "Is that what you want?"
   The corners of her mouth kick up like she's losing the battle to stop
   herself from smiling. From recent experience I know something smart ass is
   going to pass through those luscious lips.
   "I think I like the idea of you taking me for a ride as long as it's long
   and hard." She bites on her tongue and winks.
   As she steps around me, I let out the breath I'd been holding, feeling her
   body so close to mine. I turn around to see she's already straddled on the
   bike, patting the seat in front of her.
   Running my hands through my already messy auburn hair, I pick up the helmet
   and offer it to her. "Safety first."
   "You always play safe?" Grabbing the helmet and sliding it on her head, she
   does the clip under her chin and leans forward on her hands, pushing her
   tits together.
   Fuck me, this girl is going to kill me.

   Joz Maxel is a married mother of three living in Western Canada. Falling
   hard into the indie world four years ago, she has been an avid reader,
   pimper and blogger.
   When an opportunity to write a short story for a contest presented itself
   she thought "Why not?" and went for it. Her debut novella, My Absolution,
   was published in August 2017.
   When not writing or juggling her house of mayhem, she yells at the
   television while watching her beloved Edmonton Oilers or binge watches
   Supernatural, Stranger Things and Riverdale, just to name a few.

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Giveaway & book review

Title: The Man in Black

A Chicago Syndicate Standalone Novel

Author: Soraya Naomi

Genre: Dark Mafia Romance

Release Date: August 9, 2018


He consumed my mind. I never even crossed his.
From the moment I met Michael, mysteriously brooding and dressed like a dark
angel, there was something electric between us. Or so I thought.
What I believed was a seductive and undeniably raw attraction has ended up
being something else entirely, something I never foresaw.
Because he’s a skilled liar and a master manipulator, and I downright misread
his intentions.
And now I’m afraid that falling for the man in black might become my biggest

An overwhelming remorse haunts me after losing my fiancée, but I’m not a man
who can afford to lower my guard.
I’m a ruthless criminal, one of the top members of the merciless mafia, the
Chicago Syndicate, and I moved back home to keep to myself and do a job.
But when a curvaceous pastry chef with a beautiful smile and a possible link to
my former life catches me in a reckless moment, I’m forced to watch her and
strategize a plan.
Because I’m not sure if she’s out to get me or if she’s just an innocent
civilian who doesn’t know that the restaurant she works at is actually a front
to launder Syndicate money.
And I intend to find out if she’s playing me while I’m playing her. But then
the demons that haunt me force me to make a huge mistake…

Deceit has a price—I just have to make sure I don’t pay with her life.

A standalone novel from the Chicago Syndicate world.

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The Man in Black (Chicago Syndicate, #9)The Man in Black by Soraya Naomi
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Man In Black - Soraya Naomi

Steam level - off the charts!
Alpha Male - definitely
Strong characters - absolutely!
Did I love it? Lo prometto ( i promise!)

Oh what a book!!! I Couldn't put it down for the life of me, I was captured from page 1! The characters Brielle and Michael were the perfect style of characters to read about. Brielle such an easy going 21 year old gets a job as a pastry chef working for a restaurant front for the Chicago Syndicate . She's not immature at all , but when a man like Michael shows interest the other goings on kind of fly out the window.
Oh and Michael, he's the head guard of the Syndicate, very serious, deeply intense no nonsense kind of guy , a killer that has no remorse. Going through some guilt ridden issues, something catches his eye with the new pastry chef, and in his line of work there can't be any mistakes. The Man in black doesn't believe in coincidences , but he's going to find the truth no matter what it takes.
As this rollercoaster starts in motion , actions lead to some consequences that nobody ever imagined would be possible, and it's a non stop thrill ride throughout the climax!
One of the best romantic suspense Books of the year by far! Fantastic storytelling Soraya Naomi!

His eyes move down my cleavage and leisurely back up. “I don’t know; something tells me you could handle me...”

Smoothing her long hair back, I gather it into a ponytail and watch her as she submits to me, naked and uninhibited and so f*cking sexy.

I blow against her folds and pull her up close to my lips. “Ask me to lick you.” But even if she doesn’t, I’m going to swallow every drop of her wetness. “Lick me, please,” she begs seductively.

The man in black is a man with a black heart. A heart that already belongs to another.

In reality, I’m not a man who protects people. Quite the opposite. I’m a man who kills anyone who interferes with my business. This is who I am; remorse is a useless emotion for a Syndicate member.

Because in the mafia, we take what we want. We’re fearless killers who protect our own without any remorse.

La Amo

Voluntarily given a copy this is my unbiased review.

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Author Bio

Soraya Naomi's writes love stories with a sinfully seductive
blend of lust, deceit, lies & men who love hard and at all costs. 

Her #1 Organized Crime debut series Chicago Syndicate was released in 2014.
She's honored that For Fallon won "Best Breakout Novel 2014" in the
Novel Grounds Semi Annual Literary Awards.

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