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my review of Hot Damn by DH Cameron

Hot Damn! - A BBW Stepbrother RomanceHot Damn! - A BBW Stepbrother Romance by D.H. Cameron
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Good girls gone wild has nothing on this! Hot damn give me more!! Who wouldn't love to have a bad boy that knows he's got it? Especially when you gotta live in the same house? Taboo at its best! Tyler is Vicky's Stepbrother which is a definite devilish tease, and Vicky is such a good girl but definitely wouldn't mind trying out the bad girl routine, live alil, and enjoy her hot n supersexy step brother! But will this good girl give in? Can she resist Tyler? Wat will change there relationship if she gave in? You gotta read this to find out! Warning once you do you may wanna be a bad girl too because this book is definitely Hot an will make you say Hot Damn yes!! I was definitely immersed quickly! This book was given to me in return of an honest review DH Cameron has a fantastic imagination!

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My Review of Symphony Tools for Social Media Management

My Review of Symphony Tools for Social Media Management:

I've been using Symphony Tools to manage my social media accounts and I really like it. It's perfect for scheduling and automating sharing my blog to Facebook and twitter. Give it a try. This link gives you 3 months free.



my review of Fate Part 1 ( Order of Alphas) by Eris Sage

Fate Part One (Order of Alphas)Fate Part One by Eris Sage
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A nice easy short start of the series Order of Alphas by Eros Sage. It starts out introducing characters Maggie her friend Aiden , Orion, and Michael. Maggie is a human not realizing her friend is with a wolf shifter. Orion is the Alpha of the pact he's led a life of evil killing both humans,and shifters, almost bored , it had become a chore. He's living under the prophecy, he's changed through the years, and murders are showing everywhere. He gets introduced to Maggie , the only one that can stare in his eyes. Even old alphas wouldn't dare do. This makes Orion even more interested in this grey eyed dark skinned human. The more he's around her the more his need grows...but he has to fight it he knows he can't mate with her.. what he doesn't know is his evil brother is watching, disgusted by Orions actions.. Could this make Maggie the next victim of death? I got this book in return of an honest review..If you love paranormal books with alpha wolves you'll enjoy this first installment of more to come !

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my review of Alpha Wars (Clan Faoladh Book 4) by Hannah Hunter

Alpha Wars: A Shifter BBW Billionaire Romance Serial (Clan Faoladh Book 4)Alpha Wars: A Shifter BBW Billionaire Romance Serial by Hannah Hunter
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh wow the spins and surprises just keep coming!! I love it! Bravo Mz Hunter for making such an interesting delightful series! I can't wait for the next one! After they do mate Orla feels herself changing,and she takes off as a beautiful white and black wolf , her mate couldn't change with her being he stopped himself from changing earlier, and somehow that stops the process. Leaving her in the wild with his enemy. He teaches her how to speak through thoughts ,and things to keep her safe. They go to a safety spot meeting Orlas moms best friend, and she tells her some very important information, things Orla had no idea they were so important until as she begins to talk to her grandma about how she was born , about her parents, the reasons they had kept her hidden so many years , as Orla takes it all in tired from the prior shifting, she mentions a name , a name that makes her Grandmother frantic, a name that is known as the devil only a God could kill or so they thought... The pieces of the puzzle are just now becoming clearer to the  Faoladh....I was given this book in return of an honest review

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my review of Alpha Wars (Clan Faoladh Book 3) by Hannah Hunter

Alpha Wars: A Shifter BBW Billionaire Romance Serial (Clan Faoladh Book 3)Alpha Wars: A Shifter BBW Billionaire Romance Serial by Hannah Hunter
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I seriously can't get enough of Clan Faoladh and Conri!!This is just getting better and better with each book I've read in the series thus far!! Who doesn't love a Alpha Billionaire that's sexy hot and is also an Irish Wolf King?? Hannah Hunter is an incredible writer, and she has made this such a creative series!! In this book Conri decides to have a dinner to welcome back the Queen and her granddaughter Orla . She can't feel really any "mate vibes" but she really doesn't know what it's supposed to feel like .this entire new life is so much to take in as it is! As bad as he wants her, needs her to be his mate, he must make sure it's him . The only way to do that is invite his enemy, from the fighting clan over to meet her as well. It's one or the other they both know that. When Conri and Faolan meet at dinner her choice becomes as clear as ever, without further hesitation she makes her decision known. The entire room watches including her grandmother. Now that she has chosen her mate everything becomes very clear to her. She can't get enough of her mate, an is ready to become completely bound to him. As foreplay begins her mate feels himself turning. He runs for the shower afraid if she saw the change it would scare her to death. Orla can't figure out why he would suddenly bolt, so she decides to take a peek, seeing a wolf figure starting to appear. Screaming in shock ,but she's not really afraid more curious then anything. After he explains about different emotions can cause a change she is more curious of what her clues would be, and what would it be like? Well she definitely gets more then what she ever imagined possible! Wanna find out what happens? Try this series out you won't be sorry..I was given this book in return of an honest review..

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my review of Alpha Wars ( Clan Faoladh Book 2) by Hannah Hunter

Alpha Wars: A Shifter BBW Billionaire Romance Serial (Clan Faoladh Book 2)Alpha Wars: A Shifter BBW Billionaire Romance Serial by Hannah Hunter
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

One of the best cliffhangers I've read in a series! 2 Clans 1 mate 1 choice.In this book Orla learns so much more about her life, her future , her prophecy. Her grandmother Kathleen is the queen of the clan That Conri is king too. With the help of Conri and her Gram she learns how she can change everything in the world for both clans, causing extinction in 1. Poor Orla has such a choice to make ..or she will leave a life of madness, and certain death. Conri or Faolan 2 totally different alphas..who will she choose?? I was given a copy of this book for an honest review ..

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my review of Outlaws Bride ( Grizzlies Mc #3) by Nicole Snow

Outlaw's Bride (Grizzlies MC #3)Outlaw's Bride by Nicole Snow
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book will have your panties melting more times then you can count! If you love Mc Bad Boys this is for you!!This is my first novel from author Nicole Snow an it won't be my last! I'm hooked on the Grizzlies ! I'm hooked on Roman, the man that received his name from the many no good men he crucified along the way. I was really drawn to all the characters, the author was able to give us an in-depth view of the bad boys in the club without taking the light off the main characters which I really liked. Another thing is she went back and forth between what Roman was feeling,and doing , and how Sally was feeling from chapter to chapter which is a refreshing change as it's not coming from just 1 pov. Sally meets Roman he's a huge fit hot biker ,and well they have fun during the summer..Roman has to go help his club, his brothers,the men he will die for. Roman and Sally get torn apart not by choice for quite awhile. When Roman comes back to town , they don't click as they once did. Danger comes to the Jennings farm forcing Roman to be around Sally again, unearthing the biggest secret ever. Danger is at every door , and now he's gotta do anything he can to keep them safe. This book is nonstop action, with tons of Hot powerful driven sex! It does end with a HEA so no worries about cliffhangers ! I sure hope there is more to Roman and his new life down the road cause I definitely didn't get enough of this bad boy , and his old lady ! I was given a copy of Outlaws Bride by the author for an honest review. (This can be read as a stand alone ) buy here  ...want to join Nicole's mailing list? subscribe here

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my review of Alpha Wars (Clan Faoladh #1) by Hannah Hunter

<Alpha Wars (Clan Faoladh, #1)Alpha Wars by Hannah Hunter
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is beginning to become one of my favorite brought to life shifter story series thus far.. Orla Kelly a med student always wanting to help others in need finds a man seeming to need medical care, as she walks up to him she catches his eyes a very vivid green , and something stirs inside her..a bad dream coming to life..before she knows it he goes to her job giving her the chance of a lifetime but she must go along with him...her fear is in high gear but she really has no choice Conri Fallon is a man that knows when to put on the charm..he has reasons as to why she must accompany him, but he can't tell her..not yet anyhow. We also get to learn about Orla's Irish grandparents. They had brought her up since she was very small, and she looks up to both of them and there advice, not ever knowing the secrets that have been kept away for many years. I am starting on the next part right now because I can't wait to see what happens next! Fantastic 5 plus story ! I was given a copy of this book in return of an honest review. If you like Irish lore and shifters you'll definitely enjoy this !

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my review of Blood Reign (Highland Wolf Pact 3) by Selena Kitt

Blood Reign (Highland Wolf Pact, #3)Blood Reign by Selena Kitt
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This story takes place in Scotland..wulvers part wolf part man lived hidden from humans living underground made to leave there cave because of a witch. The king of wulvers trying to teach his son how to be a good king in time ..but his son is a little careless and dangerous..Griff told of prophecies of lost wolf packs that the red wolf would find and save. Griff happens to be a large red wolf with blazing red eyes and even as he's heard these stories from birth he finally decides he needs to take this journey at this time...he takes his trip following the prophecy to a place where a guardian awaits..the cocky red wolf learns a lot about trust belief an magic as he lives in the temple finding his place in life with his one true love even as many obstacles have him doubting everything Bridget shows him an entire different world leaving him to trust as it shall be it will be..Selena Kitt writes in the Scottish ways brilliantly introducing us to a long reign of family of the red wulver..I was given this book for an honest review

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my review of Coerced Blackmailed By The Billionaire (Buchanan Romance 1)

Coerced: Blackmailed by the Billionaire (Buchanan Romance, #1)Coerced: Blackmailed by the Billionaire by Alexx Andria
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a book for mature readers as there's a lot of delicious hot scenes throughoutAnother absolute favorite book by Alexx Andria! I love the way she captures details in the characters edgy daring ,and has you craving for more!! Sutton Buchanan a millionaire born into wealth never having to actually work for it, his family had taken care of that before his birth. He gets what he wants , and he knows it. But this isn't the typical billionaire romance so don't roll your eyes. This is something naughty provocative enticing and of course a stick it to you in the gut feeling because he is someone you probably won't like and will have you gritting your teeth or cussing at the book more then once trust me! Elizabeth a plain Jane type woman loveable but she has some issues with her image . She's a fuller figured woman, a trying artist that has had a rough time in the past years her sister has autism , and she can't take care of her. With her parents gone she's all she has.. Her art doesn't get a second look, doors shutting everywhere...totally opposite from Sutton Buchanan . Being the snake he is..he takes advantage of the situation after another door gets slammed in her face...a One in a Million Offer! But does taking a deal with a devil have consequences? Absolutely! Will she do anything for her only living family member depending on her? Definitely! Because Elizabeth is unselfish..she will do anything to keep her sister in the care she needs..even if Mr Sutton has the final word..why? Because it pleases him so.. this is a book about what money can do ..rules that don't apply to all, and also trust..Being hurt so badly that you think everyone is untrusting selfish and cruel...But even if you're completely different..in so many ways..that also can cause a dangerous attraction, one that may cost one of them everything they ever thought good, or one of them everything they were taught isn't always the same about all.. Different people cut from different cloths in different worlds... this book was my attraction I couldn't put it down I had to know what happened,and I'm so glad I did!! I would give it a 10 if I could ! I was given a copy of this book for an honest review

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my review of Unraveled A Soul Shifters Prequel by Sennah Tate

Unraveled (Soul Shifters #0)Unraveled by Sennah Tate
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received this story from romance arcade in return of an honest review. This is a prequel to the next book I haven't read but will because it has my interest. Alina comes from a family of travelers ,they all have different powers ,but hers is finding other travelers. You have one soul mate ,but a man named Preston has always been in love with her. When she explains to him they can't be together and why he doesn't take it well. He turns to the darkness, and in turn things get real bad for Alina. You also meet Isabel a bartender who her brothers best friend is in love with , but leaves for years. He finally comes back to town needing to make things right. But things make get alil rough on Isabel just as there reunion begins. I can't wait to read the first book in the series to find out what will happen. Can the darkness be stopped?

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my review of Animus Sleeping Dragons 1 by Ophelia Bell

Animus (Sleeping Dragons, #1)Animus by Ophelia Bell
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Need more dragons!!! Holy hot!! This book is a start of a series that is Definitely one you want to get all! Ophelia Bell is an amazing writer with an awesome imagination! If you love paranormal books with fire then this definitely won't leave you down!

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