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my review of Instamuse for the romantic writer by Heather C Myers

InstaMuse for the Romance Writer: Fairytale EditionInstaMuse for the Romance Writer: Fairytale Edition by Heather C. Myers
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book gives you so many ideas on how to write anything from supernatural to historical to the classic Cinderella type story and more! Heather Myers gives you so many different storylines ,and idea that anyone that's passionate about writing could do it easily by following this outline!

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my review of The Talented Mr McGregor a Tarker's Hollow Mystery by Tasha Black

The Talented Mr. MacGregor: A Tarker's Hollow MysteryThe Talented Mr. MacGregor: A Tarker's Hollow Mystery by Tasha Black
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A Wolf in Sheep's clothing for Mr McGregor!This was a fun read for me I liked it from beginning to end. Mac is a history teacher not to mention a sexy alpha wolf! Tarker Hollow a place with secrets unknown to most, wolves hiding in the woods or in plain site. When the pacts alpha dies Mac is in charge of the group until the daughter of the alpha makes her decision right now though the full moon is out ,and so is Mac's libido! The people in town get invited to a mystery costume party at a mansion, Mac goes ,and we'll a mystery unfolds. Something very dear to the owner Helen goes missing,and everyone is in a panic as it's a who done it, and why . Mac gets surrounded,and between the full moon making him crazy and other things he gets involved in an embarrassing situation. You'll have to read to find out what happens,and who did it, and why ! A really good plot from Ms Black I'm glad I was able to have a chance to read . I received this for an honest review .

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Smashwords: Is Kindle Unlimited Bad for Authors? if you're an author you may want to read this

Smashwords: Is Kindle Unlimited Bad for Authors?

my review of Loving Two Dragons by James D Horton

This book I was able to read quickly, the pages ran smoothly I liked the story line itself.I think it has a lot of promise,but I was really disappointed that the author did not really open anything up about Archer and Logan's past. Jennifer's as well. Apparently Jennifer has gone through these situations before,but you don't know how or anything about that. Logan an Archer are both half dragons with a dying race they haven't bred for 10 years, and Jennifer is the one that can help them win there race back, but you have people trying to kill her ,and others, but you don't really know why or much about this feud at all. I was looking for more much more of a backstory about the characters. Maybe the other books will answer the questions, but to read It without knowing anything is frustrating to say the least. Not to mention it does end with a big cliffhanger . I got this book in return for an honest review


instaFreebie free book help this erotic author out by reading and review same author


instaFreebie free book help this erotic author out by reading and review



my review of Feral Seduction by Liv Brywood

This book is about 2 people completely different but alike in many ways.brandy she has had a lot of pain in her life, her dad's a drunk in prison for killing someone she didn't really know her mom to well she left when she was a kid. She feels someone is chasing her stalking her.so she goes deep in the woods to get to her uncles house a sheriff from another town. She gets stuck in a cabin after a bad storm hits,but someone else has the same idea.Stryde is also stuck in the storm,and this is how they first meet. He's also very filled with pain,guilt,broken inside he will never love again. Destiny keeps them running into each other ,but only because Stryde is worried about this woman having a stalker,ah not to mention he's a werewolf! Danger comes from every angle, much to a head that Stryde has the biggest problem to ever face one that he swore of. To let die peaceful or use his gift? This is a story about facing so many difficult decisions,letting go, facing so many emotions from hurt to sadness. The author does an amazing job of putting them all out on the table. beautifully written , intense I  definitely recommend this book!


instaFreebie free contemporary romance book !!!


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Jessabella Reads: REVIEW + EXCERPT + GIVEAWAY: Hold Me Like A Breath...: Hold Me Like a Breath  (Once Upon a Crime Family #1) Author:  Tiffany Schmidt Publisher: Bloomsbury  Release Date: May...

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Roxanne's Realm: Interview, Spotlight and Giveaway Thomas by V.A. Dold

Roxanne's Realm: Interview, Spotlight and Giveaway Thomas by V.A. Dold

Roxanne's Realm: Interview and Giveaway: To Mate a Wolf by Jordan Ashton

Roxanne's Realm: Interview and Giveaway: To Mate a Wolf by Jordan Ashton


my review of Blood in Fire by Heather Blair

This book I had received in return an honest review if I could give it more stars I would by far. In the beginning I was sort of lost ,but I didn't give up ,and I'm thankful I didn't! The only thing I would recommend is that you read the dictionary of characters and words first. Anyhow, on to this amazing trip with a man named Aiden whose a fierce  Irish warrior that had become a vampire, and an American model named Heather. They end up meeting not once but twice,and both unforgettable ! They were a force to be reckoned with together! The turmoil they went through made my heart break in spots though and I don't usually get emotionally involved that deeply with characters of a book, but the author did such an amazing job at having you feel the emotions they felt,explosive,sad, happy, desire. You could feel it all  to the point of wanting to scream into the book during the hardest times. You get to meet the horrible demon that changed Aiden and the different gods that have specific powers whether good or bad . The demon always wanted the "Prince" to come back ,and he uses anything he can to get to him. Heather thinks Aiden is an arse which he is at times .hes conceited,and pushes others away ,but he's got many reasons to do so. She falls in love,but how can a vampire love a human? It just don't work. Then more conflict arises that makes him tear walls down,and make choices that he never dreamed of. The end of the book is a crazy whirlwind of desperation and hope when the gods tell him something he's been trying to forget many many centuries ago ,and now he has no idea what new choice to make. You'll love this book ,you get to travel away to Ireland ,meeting many people on your way, feeling tragedy, love,hope ,and more. This is not a small little book this is a novel ,and one of the most amazing I've ever read.


Jennifer Denys blog page: Weekend reading

Jennifer Denys blog page: Weekend reading: Fighting a ghost, fighting love and fighting between Doms – what next? Title of book: The Recording Room Name of author:  Iyana...