my review of Blood in Fire by Heather Blair

This book I had received in return an honest review if I could give it more stars I would by far. In the beginning I was sort of lost ,but I didn't give up ,and I'm thankful I didn't! The only thing I would recommend is that you read the dictionary of characters and words first. Anyhow, on to this amazing trip with a man named Aiden whose a fierce  Irish warrior that had become a vampire, and an American model named Heather. They end up meeting not once but twice,and both unforgettable ! They were a force to be reckoned with together! The turmoil they went through made my heart break in spots though and I don't usually get emotionally involved that deeply with characters of a book, but the author did such an amazing job at having you feel the emotions they felt,explosive,sad, happy, desire. You could feel it all  to the point of wanting to scream into the book during the hardest times. You get to meet the horrible demon that changed Aiden and the different gods that have specific powers whether good or bad . The demon always wanted the "Prince" to come back ,and he uses anything he can to get to him. Heather thinks Aiden is an arse which he is at times .hes conceited,and pushes others away ,but he's got many reasons to do so. She falls in love,but how can a vampire love a human? It just don't work. Then more conflict arises that makes him tear walls down,and make choices that he never dreamed of. The end of the book is a crazy whirlwind of desperation and hope when the gods tell him something he's been trying to forget many many centuries ago ,and now he has no idea what new choice to make. You'll love this book ,you get to travel away to Ireland ,meeting many people on your way, feeling tragedy, love,hope ,and more. This is not a small little book this is a novel ,and one of the most amazing I've ever read.


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