Review: Secret Seduction

Secret Seduction Secret Seduction by Liv Brywood
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Secret Seduction met all my expectations, and then some! This is book 1 in the series and you really should read these in order. I had read book 2 first , so I missed out on the introduction of the characters, and also knew kinda what was going to happen in the end , because of book 2 staring out where book 1 ended. So don't make the mistake I did, and read this one first , Itll be much more satisfying.

Okay now since I made that clear, let me tell you why this deserves 5 stars.
We get introduced to werewolves living in a town, noone knew anything about there existence, besides rumors.
Diana a curvy woman keeps ending up with jerks, with each date she goes on. This time she meets a complete psychopath, Zane. He believes all women are the devil , and need to be taught a lesson, by death. Taking her in the woods he starts to really scare her, then he shoots her, but out of nowhere a wolf appears causing Zane to bolt . Ryker the pack leader takes it upon himself to help the woman breaking his number 1 rule - no humans allowed in the den.
Akila the healer of the pack, mends Diana's gun shot wound , and keeps her there to heal.
This causes mad chaos in the pack, everyone challenging Ryker there alpha on breaking his own rule. A rule made out of pain, and grief.
He knows she must go after she's healed , but as they spend more time together, they both feel something there.
The pack wins, and they decide to take her home, Ryker dealing with the pain of losing another woman, has to come to terms with alot of the gut wrenching decisions, telling Diana its for the best, even though she doesn't agree. She's spent much time in his bed, and the chemistry was out of this world!
As they get to the treeline Zane the psycho notices, and takes off shooting,believing they are all evil, and need to die, using silver bullets, the ultimate killer.
Losing a couple wolves from the gun fight takes a toll on the pack, and Clyde and elder loses his son blaming it on Diana.
Zane has already killed a few women, one of which was Rykers last love, and tries to kill another female Gwen, another member of the pack.
This time it's war, and Ryker will make Zane pay one way or another, including going to the other two packs, trying to make amends with an old friend Stryde ( who you'll get to know much more about in the next book) to end this once and for all.
Diana's sister gets involved in the hunt against the shifters, and it becomes Rykers worst nightmare.
Kidnapped, and gone, will he be able to find his lifemate in time? Will they ever be accepted? Can wolves and humans live as one ?
So many questions, to be answered, and you'll definitely find out after reading Secret Seduction!
A solid 5 star read , one I can read again, everything from the opening, the plot, and the ending was strong, emotional, times you may wanna slap Ryker for not opening up, but that's the fun of this book!
Liv Brywood makes those emotions come out inside, and not that many authors can cause so much tension in your heart.

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