Review: The Roman's Woman

The Roman's Woman The Roman's Woman by Lucy Leroux
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I was asked to review this book, and as much as I wanted to give it a 4- 5 I just couldn't ( I love the authors other works) Since there are no " halves" here I had to make it a 3 my actual rating was a 3.5
Why you ask?
Well here are some reasons, when you are writing about a alpha ( an lord knows I love my alphas) I hate to see them hide behind another face. Not showing who they are, because there afraid, and letting some evil ex almost ruin things , and not stand full ground. That kind of had my teeth grinding. That's how I felt with Gio. I just think he could, and should have done better. Like an Alpha would.

Sophia, she knows what its like to feel the pain and ignorance over an ex not liking her "curvy" body, which if a man doesn't like you how you are kick them to the curb, right? But then there was a part in the book where she didn't think Gio was good enough for her, so I guess everything can be deceiving when you think of it, considering he's a millionaire lol. Don't get me wrong there was some hot moments as well though!
This was my least favorite out of Lucy's books

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