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Fighting For a Second Chance Fighting For a Second Chance by Nikki Ash
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A fun one night stand turns into so much more for Liz and Cooper.
After graduating hs Kayla and her bff Liz get a week vacation to Miami before hitting the books at college in las Vegas. Liz, would be happy cuddled up with her iPad reading a good book not much of a party girl, but knows how much Kayla wants to get wild with her so she lets her friend take her out and prays the fake id's Kayla got them both doesn't get them caught. Not allowing Liz to wear her own comfy clothes, she makes her get a little black dress, but Liz feels alil out of her league.
Getting to the buzzing nightclub they get to the back of the line wondering if they'll ever get inside. Just then a bored bouncer comes up explaining that a VIP member named Cooper has invited them inside the VIP section. The giddy teens get inside and the bass starts carrying them away on the dance floor. Rubbing against another, in tune with the music not caring about a thing, Liz still thinking Kayla is the one grinding behind her , then realizing those hands are too big to be hers.
Introducing himself as Cooper, he's not able to keep his eyes off her curves, and she's feeling wetter the tighter he holds on to her. Finishing the dance they make there way up to the VIP area, Cooper placing Liz directly on his lap, drinking and flirting the night away with Kayla joining, an meeting Coopers buddies. Liz and Cooper spend the night together, but Cooper is a complete gentleman to Liz as Kayla shacks up with one of Cooper's mma buddies.

“If I come in, it would only be to sleep next to you. You have drunk too much for us to do anything else. When I take you, I want you to be clear headed and remember everything my body makes yours feel.”

The next day Cooper and Liz spend the day together, and that night, with Liz losing her virginity to him. As Cooper being an mma fighter only in Miami for business needing to leave the next day, Liz is okay with it, knowing it would never work , with her schooling and life just starting out .

----------------- SPOILER ALERT-------------------

4 weeks later Liz gets a bug throwing up like crazy, just as her an Kayla get settled in las Vegas, and she goes to the Dr. Finding out she's not sick but pregnant!! With a man she knows nothing about not even his last name! Things get darker as Cooper fights his inner demons proving to himself he's nothing like his father, and what went on through the years wasn't always what they seemed.After some ugly scars come to the surface, The truth is revealed, and there is a happily ever after. I really liked the storyline itself, but I think there was some things that could have been left out to shorten it up some. Was a crazy twist that I didn't see coming, ill definitely say that! 3 Stars for Steamy scenes
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