Falling For The Dare by Elaine Marie #BlogTour #Review #Romance

The Blurb:

For Danica Leroux, being an undercover agent has always been her dream, and when she receives a new promotion, she knows it comes with a huge responsibility. 
When she learns her new job will entangle her with the one-and only movie star, Hunter Ford, she eagerly dives into the new assignment with her spunky and challenging attitude. 
Because threats were made against him, she’s to protect him until the premier of his latest movie…or until they find who’s making the threats. 
Not long after she accepts the assignment, a curve-ball is thrown,and she finds herself with a dilemma. How can she protect him if she becomes the target? 
When her life is on the line, she pushes him away for his own protection. 
But, does she push too far?

Thank you again for your support!

~Elaine Marie

*****MY REVIEW*****
SOLID 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Oh wow this was entertaining to say the least! I've never seen 2 of a kind like this before! Both with alpha type personalities , yes Very entertaining!
Hunter a movie star with a good looks, usually keeping his sex life casual, not believing in anything beyond a fling, must of had bad reviews because now his life is on the line with death threats, and his manager insists on a bodyguard which Hunter completely hates the idea.
Danica, an undercover bodyguard, who loves her line of work, working for her uncle since her dad passed away a couple of years ago , is on top of the world after receiving a promotion, and getting an assignment all in one day, then she meets Hunter by showing him how lax his security is.
Physical attracted to each other, but the problem is they have to play the part of being 'together' that's when things really heat up!
I enjoyed how the author made both characters fiesty especially Danica. Many lol moments like meeting Jax with the sausage , and some sweet ones too. Much sexually frustrating moments throughout! Danger as well , so you get a mix!

“Knowing these beads are deep inside you makes me a little jealous.

"I can't protect you if I'm busy loving you"

But you, you like the challenge. You like the excitement of the game. The chase. You like a good dare.”

In a light whisper, “You can’t handle it.” His finger glides down the other side of my neck. “But I can, and once more you’ll enjoy it. You’ll keep coming… and coming… back for more.”


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