Review: Hidden in Darkness By Nora Ash

Hidden in Darkness Hidden in Darkness by Nora Ash
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The Second installment starts where Into The Darkness leaves off, with Karolyn , the Shade , Lightening, and her looking for more clues. Getting invited to the mayor's autumn ball she needs to act like a dim witted reporting blogger asking questions that really don't matter. She notices someone there she believes she recognized, but could it be? Of course Lightening is at her side trying to keep the mayor off her trail by having a heated moment while shes trying to dig. It doesn't end there tho ..Later the lightening the first superhuman to mark her or half mark her shows at her home,and she gives in to his cravings and her own as well. Afterwards feeling safe lightening can't seem to handle the magic of his own mark , and busts out hurting Kathryn at the same time. The Shade the dark vigilante feels her emotions, and comes to her , giving her what she needs as well, trying to prove himself, but the things she uncovers makes her wonder whose side is he really on? Who can be trusted? Just when she thinks nothing can get any worse,, the Bright shows up, the dangerous and some would say the mayor's closest supe..Will Kathryn actually come out of this alive? Or was getting marked by two enemies cause more harm then any could imagine? Must read series! This is the second part and it's more thrilling, exciting, sexually arousing the deeper the darkness takes us! Nora Ash has done a brilliant job at keeping this series captivating! Can't wait to see what happens next!! Highly recommended by Alpha Loving Erotic Book Beauty Blogger I received this book in exchange for an honest review

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