Review: Into the Darkness

Into the Darkness Into the Darkness by Nora Ash
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

THIS BOOK DESERVES 5++++ and is on my favorites list!!Intrigue, corruption, secrets, vigilantes, superheroes is just a start of Into The Darkness! The book kept me up all night needing to finish, afraid I would miss anything. Nora Ash is a brilliant author for coming up with this kind of a story line! So fresh, inviting, with the perfect amount of twists, and developments in the plot! Kathryn is a wannabe reporter, she's a blogger but takes her job very serious even if others don't. One night as she's getting her coffee she ends up in the middle of a robbery, but this corrupt town has supes aka superheroes,and one saves her life .Lightening a super hot hero that she had always adored until she saw he was an egotistical jerk as she interviewed him. She decides to get him back by making a blog about him and his kind. Although she has no idea the repercussions this small time blog may cause..the attention lands on her, Lightening comes to her explaining the dangers, even giving her a small ounce of protection. With his breath against her neck she desires so much more . He's in her mind , but she wishes he would take her completely! Kathryn can't shake all this and needs answers wondering what corruption she getting to close to , the mayor, the supes , and decides to go into the darkness, the dirt riddled filth of the industrial area. She's chased by thugs , knowing she's not going to make it out alive , but then she hears body parts torn apart, afraid to look...but she does, and finds out the most meanest, darkest, evil, vigilante is right in front of her!! Lightenings enemy the Shade...Will the Shade kill her like he does everyone else or will something else happen? Oh how I wish I could tell you but you'll have to read this yourself!! It's definitely worth it and the heat will have you wanting more!! Highly recommended by Alpha Loving Erotic Book Beauty Blogger this book was given to me in exchange for an honest and fair review .

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