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~Charlene's  Story~
Hi everyone my name is Charlene Martin. I write Erotic books and I've been doing this almost 3 years. My family has fallen on hard times and those that know me know that this has been going on for quite some time. I've tried everything I can, and to no avail, I just can't keep up. I've sold, and or pawned anything I have to help, and I've even received help from family, friends and work. This is the hardest thing I've ever gone through and it's wearing me down.

This started even longer ago, but I'll start with just this year. I am a CNA at a hospital and I got hurt at work. It took over a month for them to start paying me my compensation. So we were living off only my husbands pay checks, we managed, but it took all of our savings.

Finally, the checks started coming, but they are only 80% and when you rely on every penny, you feel the loss.

While I was out of work, and in serious back pain I was completely stressed, because we had just pulled our home out of foreclosure that was a two-year battle.  I feared that we were going to get into the same type of situation we’d just fought so hard to get out of.

A few weeks later, my husband was early terminated from his job, and was out of work for a week. He'd had another job lined up, but they needed sometime before he could come over. This made things even worse.

I was out of work for three and a half months. I have been back now for almost two. It was very hard on me at first and I couldn't do my normal amount of days, but I did work up to them, and I'm trying to pick up extra days now.

Anyhow, since I've been back they took my completely first check that was only 3 days pay for back medical insurance. They continue to take over half of my check for this. (and will for another 1.5 months) When this happened, my Street team came together and sent me money which really helped me. I cried horribly for how grateful was and am. I thought that this would help and bring us current, with the assistance, I got form work, but it wasn’t enough. I didn't know when I was out that I still had Medical insurance, I thought that they’d cancel it because I had told the HR lady that I couldn’t afford to pay it on the already discounted checks I was receiving. Somehow, there was a miscommunication and now I’m stuck paying it.

So as I things continue on, I'm making nearly $300 every two weeks, this is financially killing us. I've tried contacting them, but no one responds to my phone calls. And I’ve been told call this  number, and that number. It’s very frustrating.  I just sent an email to whom I was referred to this time, last night. I’m Praying for some kind of help.

My medical status continues to be a pain in my butt. Last week I had to have oral surgery, and then woke up the following morning with an allergic reaction to the antibiotics and well you don’t want to know those details. After I got the dentist to prescribe me a new antibiotic.  It was about 6 hours after all that, I ended up in the hospital screaming hysterically and vomiting because I have a 6mm kidney stone. I still have this stone  I was out of work over the last week (because of the pain and they prescribed me narcotics), but when I went to the urologists she gave me some meds that I can use at work. So now, I can go to work. Granted the meds don't take all the pain away they make it manageable. Therefore, I’m working and doing the best I can while still in pain, but I have to do what I can f for my family.

While everyone enjoyed the holidays. I didn't. I couldn’t give a my daughter a birthday present last month, and I couldn’t buy one Christmas present for my daughter/anyone.  I've never been in this bad of a position before, and it killed me not to get her anything. I feel so bad that she has to go through this with us. I feel like a failure.

We can't afford our mortgage this month and this puts the biggest strain on me emotionally as I just went through hell to get my house back, and I don't know if by next week I'll be able to keep the power on and provide food for my family. I’m not joking my any means it really is this bad.

I've been to community organizations and they helped a little, but because we normally make over their poverty requirements, they won't help.  I gross about $700 every two weeks and it looks like I'm making that still, but my gross shows that I’m only making about $300 every two weeks now. But that doesn’t seem to matter to them.

f I weren't so desperate I would never ever ask for help, but I’m absolutely desperate.

So, I’m going to be putting on an auction right here on this page. I will even go as far as to put up my email address.  A lot of amazing people have come together and offered signed books, unsigned books, swag, and services. So I’m doing a book auction.

Others have asked if I have a way to send cash donations. I do. If you'd like to send a PayPal donation. Anything even $1. My email address is c.m.martin.author@gmail.com would help. (Seriously I have almost 4k friends a dollar by everyone would be a HUGE amount to me. Don’t feel bad if a dollar is all you can send. ) Not that I’m expecting you to send anything.

Even if you can't help in this way, please send prayers. Cause I’m really worn out from all this, and I don’t know how much longer I can take this.

Below are some links to help support me & the auction page. Thank you for taking the time to read my story, and I appreciate any help you can offer. Even if it’s just sharing this on your page, and or telling some author/blogger friends. Anything helps, and it would mean everything to me. I sincerely appreciate every little thing.

There is a PayPal set up as well if any can donate, as every bit helps!

To join the Auction follow this link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/209281409409443/

To donate swag follow this link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/195_OYq80vZvtA9obX8Jg8JaB3kuzMWwDs8cnFEP8uUc/viewform


Charlene Martin said…
Thank you so much for sharing. <3

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