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Submissive on Display: 1Night Stand series Submissive on Display: 1Night Stand series by Tara Quan
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This story starts out with a devilishly handsome dom and his dog sitter Naomi. After getting out of a terrible engagement to a fake stuck up woman that couldn't stand his need to dominate, he had his eyes on Naomi. Both of there needs got the best of them leading to sex. Naomi was falling for him, and couldn't let this keep going so she lied and said it would never work as she's not a submissive. In the mean time her friends both in the bdsm lifestyle decide to give her a much needed gift to Vegas to a new established bondage club. Naomi having a few lies on Luka needs to get away from him , and needs to enjoy this time. The club requests each dom and sub to fill out a card for a one night stand with the most compatible other. Luka has his own business going on in Vegas, and his lawyer , and friend decides this is what Luka needs to get out of this slump he's in. He wanted Naomi to submit to him more then anything, and was so disappointed she couldn't be what he needed her to be...Little does he know that Naomi is exactly what he needs, and payback for those lies comes back to bite her in the rear . I love Tara Quans writing style, this is a fun little read that definitely has its hot moments. I received this arc from the author, in return of an honest review.
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