Review: Tales from Tarker's Hollow

Tales from Tarker's Hollow Tales from Tarker's Hollow by Tasha Black
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Some of my favorite books are in this bundle ! You have Mister MacGregor This was a fun read for me I liked it from beginning to end. Mac is a history teacher not to mention a sexy alpha wolf! Tarker Hollow a place with secrets unknown to most, wolves hiding in the woods or in plain site. When the pacts alpha dies Mac is in charge of the group until the daughter of the alpha makes her decision right now though the full moon is out ,and so is Mac's libido! The people in town get invited to a mystery costume party at a mansion, Mac goes ,and we'll a mystery unfolds. Something very dear to the owner Helen goes missing,and everyone is in a panic as it's a who done it, and why . Mac gets surrounded,and between the full moon making him crazy and other things he gets involved in an embarrassing situation. You'll have to read to find out what happens,and who did it, and why ! You also have Ghosts of Shifters Past with Bonnie , not from the area uncovering more secrets, and mysteries around town, although she has alot of new friends, there's something haunting her,its a whirlwind of mystery! Then you also have the Clockwork Dragon with Marie, after getting a strange "gift" shes on a race against time, to save more then herself. She must find out the mystery of the Golden eye prince and fast! My favorite is Mr MacGregor but I absolutely love all of them! Mz Black has a certain style you won't find with other others of this genre so enjoy!

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