Review: Pushed (Billionaire romance): Pursued By The Billionaire

Pushed (Billionaire romance): Pursued By The Billionaire Pushed (Billionaire romance): Pursued By The Billionaire by Alexx Andria
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

absolutely adore Alexx Andria's style of writing, the way she makes the characters so bad, but you can't help to like that bad boys! This one revolves around Reece Buchanan. After a sure deal falls through, the granddaughter of the building they wanna tear down gets her mom taken off as power of attorney, and therefore the deal is taken off the table, his cousin Dillon forces him to fly back to NY and make that deal happen, unless he wants to live in poverty, something none of them could ever imagine happening. By making his point clear he makes Reece fly coach! After realizing the cargo hold has more room he gets his game face on and will do anything to get his hands on this land for there new skyscraper. Tana isn't his type at all, she makes her dislikes of the Buchanan's known going as far as threatening to taze Reece and video his peeing on the sidewalk for the media! Reece has no other choice but to find her weak spot. Ahh the money hungry mom that can't stand her daughter should do the trick! After getting some fantastic dirt from the mom, he puts his plan in action. He goes as far as threatening the company that was going to help her to shut her down. With advice from her friend she realizes she needs Reece ,to convince him to keep the old building .she hates the idea of playing someone, but with her grandpap in bad shape, she can't break his heart. So the games begin, with Reece playing Tana, and Tana on the other hand playing Reece at the same time things just start to heat up , and before they both know it, they wonder who is playing who. A devilish read, with lies, deceit, trickery, involved its a definite must read 5 star review! Highly recommended by Alpha Loving Erotic Book Beauty, I was given this arc in return of an honest review. Another favorite book from Alexx Andria

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