Review: Darkness: The Complete Series

Darkness: The Complete Series Darkness: The Complete Series by Nora Ash
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The best series overall this year!

Captivating, fantastic, character loving, paranormal romance book series that will sweep you away to fantasy , and ecstasy. The heat was on full force , as was the action, drama, and gut wrenching scenes. Kathryn, a small time curvy blogger never thinks her life will ever amount to much until she meets a town loved hero superhuman called Lightning, as the coffee shop she's at is being robbed. Lightning always saves the day, but as Kathryn talks to him, she feels he's very cocky , an stuck on himself. As she stirs up the media with her amateur investigating , people start noticing so Lightning decides to mark her, although he doesn't fully.
Kathryn makes her way through the run down district, and has some real slime balls after her. That's when she meets The Shade, a black clothed figure with razor sharp knives . Everyone is afraid of this supe, and as he finds out who half marked her, his enemy of many years, he decides to fully lay his mark on her including hard intense sex . Infuriating Lightning when he next sees Kathryn he fully marks her. The magic bonds causing a back and forth with Kathryn stuck in the middle, not understanding much of what's happening.
Even as Kathryn is warned to stay out of the cities business, she knows something is happening , involving the supes , not sure what the mayor knows she continues investigating getting herself kidnapped.
Becoming a game of cat an mouse, they all find out the people you thought you could trust, were not who they ever thought they were.
There bonds become deeper, sacrifices become made, soulmates forever found , and the keeper of secrets change hands.
It's just getting started! MUST Read series !! 5 Stars for a brilliantly written series by Nora Ash, and her ability to make the characters come to life .
5 Stars for the steaming heat , and swoon worthy men, and 5 Stars for the fascinating plot, and ending !
Highly recommended by Alpha Loving Erotic Book Beauty Blogger

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