Review: Fires in the Darkness

Fires in the Darkness Fires in the Darkness by Nora Ash
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“Just a few dozen rounds of double vaginal to go and we’re sure to become BFFs. Hopefully, we didn’t kill you so bad you won’t want to do it again once you’ve had a bit of a break. You know, for our relationship’s sake.”
5 Stars with 5 Star sex scenes! Crossing Swords with a Very lucky lady!

I Absolutely fell in Love with this series, and hated to see it end. Fires in the Darkness had so much going on , pain, love, surprises, shocking revelations. We get to find out who the person is behind each mask. Some were surprising, some was seen coming, Bright , and his disgusting ploy was no shock, but Mirome , Lightning, and the Shades father figure did really surprised me. Some of the nastiest supes in the city verse Kathryn, Lightning, and the Shade . That's a match up for sure!
I've always liked Kathryn , the heroin, throughout the series , especially in this book. She really stands up for the men she loves, and proves how much she loves them. She doesn't care how much is stacked against her, with there super speed quick movements, and magic beyond any. The hero's were fantastic as well! Even a bad boy can make the best hero, if he was really a bad boy after all? Only one thing ..Dragon bornes , and humans usually don't mix.
Kathryn is the exception to the rule with Lightning, and The Shade. Themselves proving how much they love her as well, with sacrifice , including giving herself to the enemy shared , or showing ones face to the humans breaking every rule known.
Hearts mend, the Shade finally opens up to his old enemy Lightning, Healing scars from long past, and the supes species will definitely carry on , as will the secrets of the supes with the one and only secret keeper . The only thing I didn't like about the book is it had to bring the series to and end, this is, and will be one of my favorite book series. The epilogue was a very good closing , hoping we may get to see some more of the future of there new lives in a spinoff ? Highly recommended by Alpha Loving Erotic Book Beauty
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