Review: Enslaved by the Alpha: Part One

Enslaved by the Alpha: Part One Enslaved by the Alpha: Part One by Viola Rivard
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First of all the cover is amazing, it's very catchy right from the start. Then as you start reading, it doesn't take long until you're inside the authors imagination. Astrid is the main character, her sister Ginnifer captures Wolf Shifters by making documentaries. She stays with a pack for awhile learning what they like, as peace offerings an what they are offended by. The Alpha lets her leave, but she decides to go back , and this time she's gone. That's when Astrid comes in,even though she has had a secret hatred envy type issues with her sister she knows her parents will never forgive her for looking out. So she gets a group of men to help her find the icy cold tundra . Although she doesn't feel comfortable at all she knows this is the only way. When the men start talking about selling different parts of the wolf she knows they have a different agenda at hand. All she wanted to do was get in touch with the other pact because the 2are fighting and she thinks this may help to get her sister back. She didn't realize the price that it would come with. Selling yourself to the devil. Erik has no care for humans he's pure alpha through an through. After killing everyone in her camp shes stuck to die, only after a deal is made to get her sister back did she realize what exactly that meant.but her other choice would be to freeze to death . What happens when your stuck with wolves all looking at you as either dinner or for sex? Especially when the alpha Erik seems he could care less, although his inner wolf has other plans for the fragile human Astrid...this is the first book in the series, and I'm already in love with the characters. The author does a Fantastic job at the details with each, and I absolutely loved the plot even as it thickens! There is a cliffhanger at the end one that is like Omg Not Now!! Any Alpha lover will want to buy this before reading the others . I was given this arc in return of an honest review

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