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Everlasting Hunger Everlasting Hunger by Brandy Dorsch
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“Look at yourself, Ellie, how well you respond to me. Come closer, love, and let me teach you what a vampire kiss is all about" - Ian Lochlan

“I know what you need, little one,” he whispers as his fingers slide under the edge of her panties.

** I received this book as part of a blog tour (ALEBB) hosting with Pure Textuality from the author**

A very imaginative, and very steamy, downright sinful read. This is the type of book that keeps you losing sleep, because you cant put it out, and you have to know what is going to happen next! Let me tell you, there is Always something going on in the vampire world, as within Ellie Dawson's.

Ellie, a beautiful young woman, has her career going for her,very compassionate, loving, high spirited, who had had chosen the wrong man and went down a sudden dark path, found herself always beat, until she finally stood up to herself and took a baseball bat to her abusers leg, and got out of the relationship.

Today is the first day of her new life, she's the resource director at Lochlan Medical, and the girls, and herself are going out afterwards to a vampire club called Everlasting. She has the perfect sexy little dress just for the evening, and can't wait.

Ian Lochlan the owner of the hospital, as well as a royal vampire that's kept secret from others not in his court (family) a man of every woman's fantasy and then some, with his deep blue eyes on Ellie.
Watching her for the last two years, almost positive she is his hunger mate.
Compelling the other ladies, they can't go for many reasons, Ellie is left alone, something draws her to wear that and have a good time, and yet something stronger wills her to the part of the building that Ian Lochlan's office is in. As she hears something in a storage closet, calling out they finally meet eye to eye, and he talks Ellie into going with him .

After getting to Everlasting , you'll meet some interesting characters, like Miguel , Lorenzo, Jasper Ingles, and more as you go!

Ellie not knowing what a vampire bar is, doesn't realize, it's for humans to let vampires taste them, sometimes while having sex, depending on the drink, and it usually causes orgasms if the drink is attracted.
Monogamy is not a big deal in the vampire world, they trust one another especially Ian and Jasper. Ian is Jasper's maker and his loyalty stands with Ian.

As Ellie hears more about the hunger she begins asking more questions, and Jasper does his best to explain.

Ian goes to his maker Annabelle with his own questions not understanding why his an Ellie's bond has gotten stronger after making love but why there thoughts are jumbled up when they're supposed to be crystal clear? Has there been a mistake?
As Jasper begins falling in love with Ellie himself, the most unthinkable happens sending everyone into a race for time. Will there Ellie be gone forever? What will happen now? And what about Ian and Jasper?

** Ends with an evil cliffhanger as only vampires would allow keeping your gut wrenching and even more questions!**

This book deserves 5 stars across the board for creativity, attentiveness, plot, and climax it's so refreshing to find and author that can write steamy vampire romance in a way that is so new and refreshing!!

Side note:
I really fell in love with Ian's character and how his feelings were genuine, was feeling a strange vibe from Jasper, but in ways he redeemed himself...Now McKenzie has my eyes wide open as does Natalie, makes you wonder.. Coincidence after he left and went back in with Ellie, with that happening... its just hard to believe especially from Ian, guess we shall now who was on the phone soon enough!!!

Locking eyes with her he pauses at the entrance of her body. “Look at me, little one. I want you to know that when I enter your body, we will be one.”

"Ellie, I’m convinced that you are my Hunger mate. The one person that I have come across that satisfies my Hunger is you. I don’t know if you can understand what that means to a vampire"

“Touch me. You and I both know that this is meant to happen. Will anything bad happen to me if we make love? Will I catch something or will you drain me to the point of death?”

Everlasting Hunger by Brandy Dorsch

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