Review: Hunted

Hunted Hunted by Hazel Hunter
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Kayla and her younger sister Tara , close knit sisters are on the run from a pack of evil bikers that seem to look all the same, hair and all, tattooed above there eyes, that no one else can see but them. The cops think they are crying wolf, and finally tell them charges will be pressed against them if they get called again.
With not much money , and no one to believe them they decide to take off, realising the bikers seem to find them easier together, they do the hard part of splitting up.

Deciding to meet up in a town there dad had always said would be safe, Tara is already there waiting for Kayla, but Kayla runs into a small hiccup and meets a very peculiar man in the process. Thinking she's seeing things at first, Ryan looks like an average but very big an burly man , until stars seem to glimmer revealing something completely different, beautiful. After one kiss, it's all it takes , neither can forget one another.

Kayla needing to investigate, watches the unthinkable, and gets to her sister revealing this information. The forever Faire , a traveling renaissance fair is the last place she saw Ryan, and they are looking for a seamstress and a groom ( someone good with horses)

Meeting Wallace the blacksmith, Colm the stage manager , Jannon, and a couple others, Kayla notices they seem to act so good at being so plain, and that something is definitely not plain around The Forever Faire.

The attraction grows between Ryan and Kayla, as does the danger, as the bikers come back, the ultimate betrayal is revealed, who is the changeling? If Dirk is right will dark win over light?

“You’re pouring your life into me. Your heart to mine.”

Highly recommended to lovers of fantasy written with such intense creativity and passionate bedroom scenes , this does end in a cliffhanger it's book 1 of the forever faire series

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