Review: Taken by Chance: A Bad Boy Ex-Con Dark Romance

Taken by Chance: A Bad Boy Ex-Con Dark Romance Taken by Chance: A Bad Boy Ex-Con Dark Romance by Ravenna Russo
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ahh where's my Chance? ;)

This is the first book I've ever read from this author, and let me tell you, she is making waves. I can't wait to read book 2 !!! She is fantastic in keeping the reader engaged, moving into the plot, and taking us into 1 heck of a nice cliffhanger!
Chance , a Southern by birth, who was in the military long ago got himself mixed up in something with the Mafia ( scarred up part of his face pretty bad) ended up in prison for 4 years ( there's not really a big back story on all that part) then he's put with the FBI witness protection program when he has to testify against the Russian Mafia. Chance decides to take off before the final verdict comes in, and that's how he becomes Cassie's upstairs neighbor on the other side of the country, with the Russian Mafia, and the FBI looking for him his picture put on every single tv and Internet site.
Cassie, A Bad Girl Georgia peach, tats marking most of her short frame, she just dumped her immature frat boyfriend. Of course when the electricity goes out , it makes her uncomfortable, and she calls him , since he's supposed to be in wine country with his frat brothers. When she hears the certain music, then the moaning, she knows exactly where he is, and is done for good. But now needs to "cool" off. Isn't that what happens when the lights go out? Time to get naughty?

Since having a thing for 'mystery man ' (Chance) and Chance having his eyes on 'Miss 7 B' (Cassie) he's watched her from the fire escape many times before, and she is actually excited about it. Wondering what it would be like to submit to this man, take him in, call him Master, she decides to put on a little show for the both of them. Getting a bowl of ice she starts to move it down her body wondering if he will show up , as she touches her sensitive areas, Cassie begins to moan , catching her mystery man's attention. Chance watches , his beer bottle falls over 7 stories below causing Cassie to look up at him with a gasp. His knuckles firmly holding onto the railing, as she teases him even more including pulling her shorts down further just for him, and licking her fingers between entry.
Chance takes off inside, and Cassie is now embarrassed. Thinking maybe he's coming down to her apartment, she waits, and waits, and waits....
Nothing... Until a large hand moves over her mouth scaring Cassie half to death.
Chance knows all her Secrets, admits to breaking in to her apartment when she wasn't there, read her diary, knows what she needs, how naughty She really is.
He's ready to fulfill those desires, but is she truly ready for her darkest fantasies to come true? The metal chains fasten like a figure 8, around her wrists....Guess its time to find out !

Highly recommended to adults looking for a hot short story part 1 with a bad boy ex con ex military dom, whose running from the mob , and FBI and a new submissive with lots of naughty secrets, Beauty and the Beast?

5 Stars Overall, for the heat, the suspense, the thrill ride, the taboo, the unknown
4 stars for the bdsm scenes can't wait for Chance to introduce Cassie to the many different tools, and toys ! Gotta say Chance definitely has his hands full with Cassie lol.

*This short first story has light bondage, spanking, tying up, orgasm denial, and kidnapping*

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