#Readers need your help with #Amazon hiding #SelenaKitt #books

Will you write Amazon a short email and tell them how disappointed you are that one of your favorite authors' books can't be easily found on their site? 
It doesn't have to be long and involved. Just a short note that says something like the following (you can even cut and paste this if you like!): 
"I am having difficulty finding many of Selena's Kitt's books on your site. I was disappointed to learn that you have put her romance books into erotica, while you have hypocritically left other books that are clearly aimed at erotica readers in the romance category. You are making my experience as a customer on your site very difficult, and if you don't stop suppressing Selena Kitt's books, I will have no choice except to shop somewhere else."
And please also add my email as well!selenakittauthor@gmail.com


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