Review: Fated Bear : A Bear's Bride novel: Shifter romance by Ursula Maya

Fated Bear : A Bear's Bride novel: Shifter romance Fated Bear : A Bear's Bride novel: Shifter romance by Ursula Maya
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This was the first book I've read by this author, and I must say I was not the least bit disappointed. Dante a bear shifter has never found his mate, he's told when he sees her he will know. Well he's seen every woman on the mountain, and nothing. He decides he has to leave the mountains, to find this mate, but before he does...Tawny a cupcake maker wants to be in business for herself , but she needs her day job to make ends meet. As her boss tells her in caution to leave use her vacation days, and don't come back around she doesn't know what to think. So she leaves , an decides to go to her aunt Mimi cabin. Mimi is very eccentric it seems, but Tawny has much love for her . Her bff Becca comes to the mountain for a fair , bringing along her new gruff mc man. As Tawny keeps running into Dante , not sure of what he wants, and won't leave her alone she finally gives him a chance to explain. Shifters exist? Oh come on. One true mate? You gotta be kidding! She practically laughs in his face, and he takes it on the hard side. Becca having her own fun decides to see who the better fighter is at this fair wrestling competition, but there is only Dante, Becca's new mc man Joshua, and another guy. As Tawny watches she starts seeing them shift in front of her. Bears, and wolves, she must be seeing things..or is she? Afterwards she helps Dante clean up a gash which he lets her to be close to her even though it'll be healed soon, but what she don't know won't hurt her right? As there bodies start to really call to each other her phone rings , and it's Tobe the guy no one likes , but is her so called bf, one she never sees anyhow. Enraged Dante leaves even though Tawny tries begging him to stay in the meantime though she has other things going on that she must face. Deciding to meet her dad after many years of being estranged, things don't go as planned, but she does find some secrets of her own. Ones that she never imagined. Tearing off she flies up the mountains, As Danger lurks around narrow turns Dante saves Tawny, and much more. Finding things out about her life, and much more about herself. How can a one sided person believe , even with seeing with her own eyes? That is until.....Must read to find out! Shifter lovers of all kinds will enjoy this one , I definitely would recommend it! The characters had strong leads, and were likeable! Gripping plot, and ending!

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