Review: Dominance and Deception Amy Valenti

Dominance and Deception Dominance and Deception by Amy Valenti
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First off I must say the author Amy Valenti is an incredible author, that ive been reading for a few years now. I've always loved how different she is from other writers of the same genre. She's a fresh of breath air ! Now onto the book. You may have seen dominance and deception before, but this is a revised addition with changes so you will want to read this newer version as well! Zach and Faye are both in law enforcement, and they both have the same sexual lifesytle. Zachs a dom and Faye is a switch needing both ends of the whip so to speak. When an ex sub of both of there's ( Faye is Bi) ends up caught up in trouble, alot comes into play. We learn alot about the both of them as it takes over a span of a couple years of there relationship, testing limits at times in more ways then one! Faye being a switch loves her submissive side with Zach, but also needs her dominate side , and after some back an forth he agrees, and lets Faye top him. Although he gets her back later on! With there relationship building, secrets coming unhinged, and there ex being interrogated everything starts erupting ! This has a great plot , with twists you dont expect, and your attention is held throughout the book. Trust me no boring spots in this book! Anyone that loves hot kink, and mystery will absolutely love Dominance and Deception. You may even get some ideas while reading ;) This is an hea so you won't be disappointed, with strong characters.

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